From Me to You!


ImageHappy New Year! May this New Year usher us into a deeper realm of purposeful living and may the Creator keep us to the end.

Last year, I started this blog with some random posts at various times. Basically, the posts came online depending on my access to internet at any given time. Towards the end of the year, I started making new posts weekly but not on any particularly consistent day.

As 2014 begins, I want to invite you on a journey of weekly discourse on the matter of Purpose and Potential. In essence, I want to begin to make available weekly posts that will be focused on addressing issues as per the Creator’s purpose for his creation and how to release and maximise your potentials in service to the Kingdom of God and Humanity.

Your Purpose is the original intention of the Creator for your existence. It is the predetermined plan of God for your life. The creator is not confused about His Purpose for your life, neither is he clueless about it. He is the only person that can tell you confidently why he made you. It is dangerous to continue to live your life without an understanding of why you exist. Two most important discoveries you can make in your life is the discovery of God and then the discovery of why He made you. The world is what it is today, because the First Man handed over his dominion to Satan, the Usurper. The creator however, did not give up on man. His redemption plan for mankind is rolled out as His sinless Son dies for the sins of the world since there can be no forgiveness of sin except by the shedding of blood. Jesus’ death has made a reconnection with the creator possible and a discovery of His possible real.

The Creator made you with certain potentials. These potentials are essentially given to you with your Purpose in view. It is expected that by the pursuit of your Purpose, you will maximise your potentials serving the world with it and ultimately establishing God’s Kingdom in your sphere of influence.

You have a mandate to discover and pursue your God intended Purpose and to release and maximise God’s beauty in you, summarised in your limitless potentials. Weekly posts on this blog are focused on helping you achieve this mandate.

All posts will be posted in three categories:

  • JustPurpose: This category would contain matters of general spirituality, life, relationships in relation to the matter of Purpose and the beauty of God in every man.
  • PurposeDiscovery: Issues as per discovery of Purpose and understanding your potentials will be posted here. If you have not discovered your God intended Purpose, you would find articles that will posted here helpful by God’s grace.
  • PurposePursuit: Issues as per pursuit of purpose, and releasing and maximising your potentials will be posted here. If you have discovered Purpose, you will find helpful, encouraging and inspiring posts that will aid your pursuit here.


p>New categories may be created as the need arises, but I look forward to having enriching and impactful discussions with you. We should have guest posts too. These will be posted accordingly in the various categories. Watch out for that!

On the whole, I hope to see you every Tuesday, God willing, as we share on this very important issue of Purpose and potential. Please feel free to comment and share as you read.

From me to you, I wish you a purposefully prosperous New Year!


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