7 Principles of Purpose

ByPurposeA lot is being said about the matter of Purpose today. Below are 7 principles and facts about your Kingdom Purpose. I am convinced that  understanding them will help your discovery and pursuit of purpose greatly.

1.        Your Purpose predates your birth.

When you visit a site on which a building is about to be built, it is possible you see at the entrance, a board that provides information about the project. You most likely, will see, especially, if it is a big one, the picture of the building to be built. While you cannot see anything on the site, the board indicates that the owner already knows what will, or rather, what is on the site. God is a God of Purpose. He does not do anything without a purpose in mind. He would not plan your birth if there was no need for another human being. Thus, your birth is an evidence of the existence of a problem you must solve, a cause you must conquer.  You are God’s solution to a need!

2.      It is dangerous to use a device without proper understanding of its Purpose.

It is often said that “When the Purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. When the purpose of your life is not known you will misuse, under-use and abuse your life. That is tragic but even more tragic is the fact that, others will also do same with your life. Until you discover and begin to pursue Your Purpose, You are not living… Just surviving. Life’s greatest tragedy is not death but a life lived without Purpose.

3.      It is not your job to create or decide your purpose but to discover it.

 The matter of Purpose is not an issue of sitting down and figuring something out. You don’t just wake up one morning and say you have decided that this is the purpose of your existence. Because, you did not create yourself, you cannot decide what your life assignment is. Purpose is discovered not decided. Here’s what I believe is the difference between just doing anything for humanity and discovering and pursuing purpose. The root of purpose is God. If you do not have a relationship with him, you cannot discover your purpose. It is possible that a person without a relationship with God has found his talents and is really making sense, but real fulfillment of Purpose does not start with a discovery of talent. It starts with a discovery of God. It is a pity that there are too many self-help books on discovery of purpose. I read a material once that was titled “How to discover your Purpose in Twenty Minutes”. My reaction was, “Well, that will be wonderful if it was possible!” It just is the truth! Any kind of discovery requires consistency, dedication and an unquenchable desire to experience breakthrough. Too many materials online tell us to look inside of us and that within few minutes we will find Purpose. I agree that most of the time, what God planned for us to do is already part of us. We already have the potential that would point us to what is God’s purpose for our lives. But then, I am convinced that without a relationship with the Creator, we can only understand and discover little of our potentials. Eric Rees opined in his book S.H.A.P.E that while self-help books tell you to look within, the key to living the life you were meant to live is to look to God from whom you get the right perspective of who you are. Don’t try to create your Purpose. Don’t just cook up something you think you like, seek God first. It is in Him that you can find your life assignment. I should say that the process of seeking God is not just usually a matter of prayer and bible study. Sometimes, we must make efforts to meditate and engage the Spirit of God in conversations that would open our eyes to what God has made us to be.

 4.      You don’t ask for the Purpose of a product from another product. You consult the Manufacturer.

No man can tell you your purpose. The best any man can do is to confirm what you have discovered. You must consult God’s manual! Too many people have lived their lives by what people told them they could do. They’ve been living on instructions of other products. It is very important if you want to fulfill purpose that you learn to hear directly from your manufacturer!

5.      You have the required Potential to fulfill Your Purpose.

Whatever God demands, He provides. Most of the time, all you need to begin the pursuit of Purpose have been released to you already. We only like to swim in the pool of unbelief and low self-esteem. It is important that you understand your potentials and discover who you truly are and what resources God has put at your disposal. In fact, for the pursuit of Purpose, all of heaven’s bank of resources are available to you just like an Ambassador enjoys the full backing of his home government in the pursuit of his duties. Whatever God calls for, He provides for. Trust Him.

6.      Your Purpose is Critical to God’s Global plan.

When God created man, he created him to be His representative on Earth. God intended to extend to the Earth, His reign which was established in Heaven. Thus, God gave man dominion over everything the existed on earth. Unfortunately, man lost that position. The good news is God did not give up on man. God is still very much into the business of establishing his Kingdom on earth. He does this through believers who have accepted Christ into their lives and whose dominion and purpose have been restored. Your purpose is a position of dominion and as you do purpose, you exercise and demonstrate the workings of the kingdom of God in your area of influence. This is God’s global plan. That as we all develop relationship with Him, and discover His Purposes for our lives, the good news of the  Kingdom is shared all over the world and He is glorified as Lord of all. Dr Myles Munroe wrote:

God has a purpose for each of us, a role to play in His cosmic Drama of redemption for a lost world. Your role will be different from mine and, indeed, from that of anyone else. We are each unique. God has ordained a part for you that you alone can play. The tragedy is that so many people never discover their part until after the curtain call.”

 7.       Jesus is the Manufacturer’s Authorized Dealer

When a product develops any fault, it is better to take it to an authorized dealer for repairs or where necessary, a change in pursuant of your warranty. This, however, depends on if you bought the product from an authorized dealer. We all, by virtue of the fall of our ancestor Adam, have developed faults and so, if we must fulfill Purpose, we must be reconnected to our Manufacturer through His authorized dealer- Jesus Christ! Christ bought the license to perform this enormous task with His blood. We can only be reconnected to our manufacturer through Him. We also receive His Spirit, who dwells in us, as the seal of our connection to the manufacturer.

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Heb. 12:1-2 NASB

The Lord will fulfil [his purpose] for me. Ps 138:8a NIV


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