Delivering Impact

Purpose is the essence of your living. It is the intention of God for you when He proposed your birth and kick started the wheel of your life. Hence, Purpose is discovered not decided! Having discovered Your Purpose in the bit that Your manufacturer would have you discover through Your consistent walk with Him, You are supposed to not just prepare your mind for action but also to begin the pursuit of your Purpose. You must lay aside all that may hold you down to run the race set before you with patience!

Your Purpose gives You a unique message for your generation. This message is what the whole of your pursuit is about. It summarizes all that you must achieve on earth. For John the Baptist, it was that the kingdom of Heaven was at hand and that the Saviour of the World had arrived. As soon as the message was delivered, John would have to decrease for the Messiah to increase. Again, after the Pentecost Experience, the disciples were set in motion on the Pursuit of Purpose. Their message was that God’s grace unto Salvation had been revealed and that all that was needed was Faith.

I intend to deal with a matter that is important to the delivery of Your message to Your generation. For you must not be unaware of the uniqueness of your Purpose and the message it brings to the World. You must therefore, be able to “impactfully” deliver Your message and  with CONFIDENCE and GRACIOUSLY!

Delivering your message
Delivering your message

Peter stood up for the first time, to deliver in few words the message that the Lord had sent them to deliver. The Scripture records that Paul spoke with confidence as he opened the Scriptures to the people. If you must perfectly deliver your message, as Paul puts it, “prove” God’s perfect will, I believe You must be confident. Confidence for Your Pursuit of Purpose is a function of POWER! Hence, we see that the confidence with which Peter spoke came only from the Power of the Holy Ghost. A remarkable display of confidence in the Pursuit of Purpose can be seen from the disciples for the Scriptures tell us that they spoke with such boldness and confidence that people realized they must have been with Christ- the only person who spoke with such confidence as the power of the Spirit caused!

 Confidence for the Pursuit of your Purpose can come only from the Holy Spirit by whose power You speak and on whose instruction you share your message. You must learn to depend on Him for this confidence leaning in absolute trust on He who led the Lord of Purpose through His Pursuit of Purpose on this side of eternity. Your confidence inspires a positive response from your targets.

To deliver your message with accuracy and precision, I believe You must be gracious in your speech! Paul instructs the Colossians in the 4th chapter of his epistle to them, to be gracious in speech at all times so as to bring out the best in others in all conversations. The need for a gracious speech is evident as it is the only way out of the danger of putting people down or cutting them out as we pursue Purpose.

The author of our Faith tells us how to get our speech to be gracious when he reveals that it is our HEART not the dictionary that gives our words meaning. Christ implies therefore, that if our speech must be gracious, we must be sure to keep our hearts gracious for it from the abundance of the heart that our mouth speaks! We must address the issue from the root of all things- the Heart. For when the heart is gracious, the Speech also will! How then do you make your heart gracious?

In Acts 20:32, Apostle Paul calls the Scriptures, the “Word of Grace”. If your heart will be gracious, it must be fed with the Word of Grace.

Also, the Apostle tells us in His letter to the Romans, an alternative to conforming to the World’s pattern which involves us exchanging our message for the world’s vanity. This alternative is to be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of our minds. We see first of all that, this is not an event but a process. We see also, that we are to “submit” our hearts daily for renewal. King David gives us a clue to how the renewal process operates in his psalm for the director of music, (Psm. 139: 23). His Highness tells us that we are to surrender our hearts for daily check up. The kind for which we go to see medical doctors periodically. This daily check-up is a surrender of the heart so that, it can be searched by God, known to Him, tested by Him and renewed in Him. We must submit our hearts so that God could perform the renewal by removing any offensive way in us and leading us in the way everlasting. For your speech to be gracious, You have a duty to submit your heart for this kind of check every day of the Pursuit of your Purpose. You must feed your heart with the Word of Grace and let the God of Purpose investigate your heart every day for your speech to be seasoned with grace.


As you yield yourself to the Spirit of God in charge of this whole process, you will be amazed at the impact you gracious words will have as you bring the best out of others!


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