Ordinary People

In a time when the Creator found his creation corrupt beyond repairs, one man tried to make his make his Maker happy. One man was busy putting smile on the face of the Creator, offering sweet smelling sacrifices and living a life worthy of the purpose of God for mankind.

After a delay caused by another man of higher authority, one man embarked on the rest of the journey of the pursuit of his purpose. One man became lost in God, seeing and looking forward to the invisible City of eternal foundation!

In the midst of disaster and failure instigated by the Supreme Being, one man in God had his faith refusing to take for granted the sovereignty of the Most High.

Despite high morality standard in a society of strict legal liability, one man nurtured the mysterious child of his beloved as if the Child was his.

Some men overturned the literate world despite their stark illiteracy because of a three-year relationship that was to give birth to the foundation on which man’s search for God would be based.

At a time of strong discriminatory religious practices, one man was busy with a message of oneness in the Saviour and him crucified.

Noah, Abraham, Job, Joseph, the Apostles of Jesus and the Least Apostle Paul have lived their times and are long gone. But the fact, though hard to accept, is that these men were ordinary men of like passions, desires and circumstances as we, who achieved extra ordinary things because they met an extra Ordinary God! They became extra ordinary when they were lost in God.

This explains why we might find it difficult to accept the ordinary humanity of these people but the Scriptures does not hide it from us. As a matter of fact, the Scriptures give us the full account of how the Father of Faith lied twice. How Peter denied Jesus. How Paul refused John Mark a second chance. How the man after God’s heart committed adultery. The scriptures just does not make them extraordinary, God shows us the inabilities and his merciful contrast!

We too can do extraordinary things like these men if we would give ourselves away. If we would indeed be dead to sin with no life for ourselves again but the life of God alone. If we will seek God alone and trust Him to give what is best! Our society would be better if we had more ordinary men with the contact of the God beyond personality! You could be one of such Generals. Accept Jesus, Walk with Him and Live for Him. That’s the key!


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