When the Church Dies

2013 would remain a reference year for many students in the Premier University of Ibadan. Starting with the issue of the “no-cooking” policy to the delaying and annoying accommodation process that sent over 50% of the student populace out of the University campus, the year started with a promise that it will be a very long and boring year. The year would also be remembered by many, particularly the Christian students of the University, as a year of Purpose Discovery and Pursuit. Many campus fellowships, with keen and divinely orchestrated interest, looked into the subject of purpose and destiny. The Assembly of Unibadan Christian Students Fellowship, the Umbrella body of all Christians on campus, crowned the whole process with the power packed annual but renewed “Watergate” programme. It became the emphasis that the church had a specifically important role to play in the world at these end times. Individuals were to discover their purposes in God. They were to pursue it so as to make their quota towards the uplift of the church on campus. The Church’s position as the light and salt of the campus was greatly emphasised and the programme ended with a “charge” in the air that God is up to something and the Church would be His medium!

I believe this actually is the message of God for this time. God is calling men to return to His original plans for them so that they can fit into His spiritual temple. This said, I want to raise a matter that I believe must be settled before the Church establishes its eminence among nations. This is the issue of the Flesh, Self and Sin.

Apostle Paul remains one of the greatest Apostles of righteousness of all times. He stood for Perfection and he remains God’s instrument for teaching us His standard through the Scriptures. In his letters which are canonised in the Scriptures, Paul emphasises the issue of Christians dying to the self and nailing the self to the cross. The self represents the old nature of Adam by whom we inherited the gene of Sin. Paul enjoins his readers to be crucified with Christ so that the old man may be killed.

In essence, the Christ’s death on the Cross and His resurrection is a template to which Christians must submit. Before we can gain access to the deeper things of God, the “Self” must die and our mind must be renewed. In the words of Jesus, we must be perfect.

Perfection is reached when the Spirit and Life of God is seen at work in the Spirit, Soul (the Will, Emotion and Mind) and the Body. Like Paul says, the life of Christ must flow to our mortal bodies. Without gainsaying, God’s standard for Christianity is perfection. That is why we are to be conformed to the image of Christ, becoming like Him in all things.

God is set to do great things in our generation. But if we are going to usher in the next mighty move of God’s Spirit, the Church, as the body of Christ, must die!

By this, I mean The Church must become a body of individuals who have been crucified with Christ and now live the life of Christ alone. There is so much God wants to do for His people.

But He can’t do what He wants to do until Christians humble themselves, forget their differences and come together in unity to enter the realm of the Spirit in active Pursuit of God’s Purpose for the Church.

Jesus is coming soon- but before He comes, there’s something He wants to do through His Body. The Church will only occupy Her position of eminence when she attains the level of Perfection expected of Her. If God’s Plans and Purposes for the Church will be fulfilled, more and more people must say no to their flesh. The Church must become so dead to the flesh, so dead to selfishness, but so yielded unto the Spirit as we do the work of righteousness! God help His Church!


4 thoughts on “When the Church Dies”

  1. Before Jesus can take d Church w/ Him into Heaven, she must taste Death, All must taste death before entry into heaven! –>Fb mornin #tinz #norny.

    Omo Pastor is stepin higher by going social. Hmmm…


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