Well Done!

Well Done!
Have you ever finished a job and then stood back and looked at it with pride and satisfaction? When the Israelites finished building the tabernacle, Exodus say they did all the work “just as the Lord had commanded” and “Moses inspected the work”. I can imagine the people standing there as Moses looked over their work, proud and happy that they’d done a good job. Life ispretty similar. You want to be able to look back at the choices you’ve made and feel great satisfaction. You want to watch with pride as God inspects your life and says you lived it “just as the Lord commanded”! This is the confidence that parades the corridors of afulfilled life. That like Jacob, you can be laid to full rest at bosom of the Lord.
This confidence that fulfillment brings is not only experienced when death comes but whenever an action in line with your divine purpose is successfully carried out as the Lordcommands.
A quick look at the music industry will no doubt provide a reasonable ground for the submission that the underlying factor in the production of songs, these days, is fame, money and popularity. Unfortunately, the devilknows this and he freely offers it. There would have not been anything wrong with this arrangement but for the absence of fulfillment that results. These musicians or performing artists work tirelessly for money and fame forgetting that fulfillment comes only out of purpose and purpose out of God. Thus, the devil offers them the money, fame and wealth. For a little while, the feeling of being on the top of the world is installed in their hearts. After their soul is sold to the devil, the feeling is reversed and its like the whole world is on the top of them! They get all the world tours and all the record deals butalas, they loose fulfillment and the confidence that fulfillment brings. Their life ends not witha “Well done” but with the sharp rebuke ending in being cast into eternal condemnation characterized by weeping and gnashing of teeth.
This is not to say that money, fame and popularity are bad things. Nay! I desire them myself. But the actual abnormality is found in the fact that the source from which the cravings for these things are met most times do not bring fulfillment because they are not ultimately rooted in God.
The scriptures ask a very pertinent question important to the achievement of purpose-“what does it profit a man who gains the whole world and looses his soul?” of course, the answer may be obvious, but I want to tell you that a life bereaved of purpose profits nothing irrespective of what you grow to have, possess or even enjoy. Leaving without an understanding of the purpose for which you exist is like leaving for nothing!
On the whole, the challenge is that we have the choice to live our lives according to the purpose for which we exist or we gain the whole world and loose our soul to vanity. It’s your choice to live your life in way that pleases God and hear Him say “Well Done!”


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