Glad to have you here!
Glad to have you here!

Hi there!

I am grateful to the Creator for bringing you here. Undoubtedly, your dropping by is not an accident but a divine arrangement. I sincerely trust that your time here, now and always will be worthwhile.

My name is Ife. I am the guy who wants to help you find your purpose and maximize your potentials in the pursuit of your life assignment. I believe in the beauty of God in you, and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to watch you manifest that beauty. No matter where you are in your life right now, you can live a meaningful and fulfilling life to the glory of God and for the betterment of the human society.

Early in 2014, I made an invitation to a journey of weekly discourse on the matter of purpose and potential. Thanks for deciding to partake of the periodic provision and I hope to see you here every week.

You are not an accident. Your birth was the result of a well-planned process by God. Even if your parents did not plan or prepare for your birth, God did. God planned you for a purpose. Your purpose is the predetermined plan of God for your life. Your Purpose is the Creator’s ticket for you to make lasting impact on your world. You were created for greatness. You are destined for the top. You were created to be in charge.

Two most important discoveries you must make in life is the discovery of God and the discovery of why He made you. You must not continue to live life by default. You have to take charge of your life by discovering why you are on earth. The good news is that God is not confused about why he placed you here. He is ready to disclose to you your life’s Purpose.

The Creator made you with certain potentials. These potentials are given to you with your Purpose in view. It is expected that by the pursuit of your Purpose, you will maximize your potentials, serving the world with it and ultimately establishing God’s Kingdom in your sphere of influence.

You have a mandate to discover and pursue your God-intended Purpose and to release and maximize God’s beauty in you within your short lifetime. This blog is about helping you discover Purpose to maximize your potentials.

All posts are placed under three categories. It is expected that all who visit the blog are either seeking the discovery of Purpose or already are in pursuit of it. So, depending on where you are, you can identify posts that will help you particularly.

JustPurpose: This category contains matters of general spirituality, life and relationships in relation to the matter of Purpose and the beauty of God in every man.

PurposeDiscovery: Issues that pertain to discovery of Purpose and understanding your potentials are posted here. If you have not discovered your God-intended Purpose, you should find articles posted here helpful.

PurposePursuit: Issues relating to pursuit of purpose, releasing and maximizing your potentials are posted here. If you have discovered Purpose, you will find helpful, encouraging and inspiring posts that will aid your pursuit here.

There are also guest posts from people whose discovery and pursuit of Purpose have given a message and story to share. I am certain you will be inspired by them.

Now, to help you get started, these are some of my favourite posts:

On Purpose Discovery:

  1. Listening to God in Your Heart
  2. Insights Into Unraveling Your Purpose
  3. On How to Discover Purpose

On Purpose Pursuit:

  1. Grains in Egypt
  2. Eureka
  3. Square-shaped Watermelon

You may also find these interesting:

I’ll like to give you a gift just to thank you for dropping by. Please follow this link to download my eBook, Echoes of Discovery. It chronicles stories of people who have found purpose and who are cheering you on to the glorious life ahead of you.

Download for free here.

With unspeakable joy and gladness, I welcome you to this divinely inspired platform and pray you receive the empowerment that you need to make the impact God requires of you. I also long to be blessed by the pursuit of your purpose!

Living fully to die empty,


AimPurpose IfeOluwa.


9 thoughts on “WELCOME!”

  1. Thank God for a platform like this. Have been blessed numerous times with texts, messages and testimonies on this blog.


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